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Online Marketing

Online Marketing & SEO Plans 


I have a developed a proven track record for managing the online presence for various businesses. I offer various monthly plans to ensure the conversion goals are being met and the web applications are up to date. 


The observer

The observer pack allows me to add your site to Google webmaster tools so I receive notifications of any possible penalties with Google. It also detects any malware or badware that may have been maliciously added to your site. I also add analytics so visitors to the site can be tracked. I make sure your WordPress is kept up to date, including all plugins. I also keep regular backups of the site.

$30 per month

The social bee

This package includes everything from the previous level but now I manage your social media profiles, mostly Twitter and Google+ as these have greater benefits to seo. Email newsletter setup and management.  This will help grow your authorship and readership.

$80 per month 

The producer

This package includes everything from previous levels but now I produce content too. This could be two to three blogs a month or a rewrite of an existing page on your website.

$250 per month 

The wizard

This is the premium package that includes everything. This is where I take full control and get your website ranking for given search terms. This usually takes six to twelve months to notice the results. It may require you to have a have new website created to achieve the full potential. I have also noticed that doing paid search increases rankings. With this package I will also create adwords campaigns to ensure you benefit from it.

$750 per month 

There is no contact with any of these plans. They are billed monthly as an automatic subscription.

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