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Thanks for wanting to get in touch with me! I get a huge amount of communications so this page lists the channels I use and how I like to use them. I'll usually respond to all legitimate communications, there's an outline towards the end of the page as to which I probably won't respond to so please read that first.

Email: perry@thexyz.com

This is the easiest way if you want to reach out and I can usually respond promptly.

Twitter: @ptoone

This is my primary means of broadcasting things to the world so please follow me there. I do read my DMs but do not don't see every mention so you may not get a reply via a public tweet.


If I'm scheduled to talk with you, find me on Skype via my email address. For anything else, please use email or Twitter, I keep Skype connections to those who really need to communicate over that channel.


Many people prefer XMPP for encrypted chat, I can be usually be reached via Thexyz Live Chat system.


It's straight forward, it's on mobile that's always with me so no setting up on other devices and it's easy for both text and voice.

Keybase and public PGP key

I'm on Keybase with both my public key available and a bunch of identity proofs as well. If you absolutely must encrypt a message, use the key there.

What I'll definitely respond to

I'm happy to make comments to media on any breaking security stories, I usually like to talk.
Genuine queries about speaking at events will get a response, even if I can't accept the invite.

What I may not respond to

I try and respond to technical queries but would prefer you try asking on Thexyz Forum first.
If you need technical support, I recommend opening a ticket at Thexyz when logged into your account.We have spent a great deal of effort on the support tools available to you at Thexyz, please check out the support page here.

What I won't respond to

No, you cannot guest-post on ptoone.com.
No, I will not promote your infographic for you.
No, I will not link to your website
No, I will not buy your services through an email

Please note that I manage various spam lists. Unsolicited email will result in your IP or domain getting blacklisted.


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