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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What Is The Best Paid Email Provider?

With the recent update the gmail compose window, many users began looking for an alternative email provider. Outlook is pretty good but lacks sending mail through smtp.

Gmail too has axed a number of free features included with gmail over the past few years. More recently ActiveSync was discontinued for free gmail users. It is only available on paid user accounts which now cost $4.99.

What is ActiveSync? 

ActiveSync is technology from Microsoft that allows email to be automatically pushed to a smart phone like an iPhone or an Android. I am sure many users of gmail that have these phone were puzzled when they had to start refreshing the email to check for new messages when they used to be delivered automatically. This is why, Google got rid of the feature for free users.

Is paid email the only way to go for full feature email? Yes it is certainly looking that way as users rely more and more on email and want to be able to use all the features available, users are increasingly looking for paid alternatives.

Do you recommend any paid email providers? 

I have worked with many paid email providers and free ones over the years. One that I always recommend is Thexyz Premium Webmail. The features are unmatched and the cost is the lowest. You can see for yourself by comparing the features on this page here: https://www.thexyz.com/compare-email-providers/

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