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Friday, 29 March 2013

The Top Five Premium Email Providers

What are the best paid email providers?

Email is very important to most businesses and free email is great but for business users, they often require more. They also need to ensure the service is not going to be cut or changed. For example getting business stationary printed on mybusinessname@hotmail.com does not only look unprofessional, there is always the risk they can change it to mybusinessname@outlook.com.

Also if you have your email with your ISP and then change to another provider, changing your email over to new provider can be a hassle. That is why I think it is a good idea not just for business but also personal email users to spend the couple of bucks each month on a paid email service. Here are some of the Top Paid Email Providers.

Google Apps

Starting $5/user/per month Google Apps is a good service, but getting support can be difficult as you may know, how can you contact someone at Google? Many businesses choose to pass on Google Apps after reading their TOS and are not overly keen on having emails read to find relevant ads to place on them.


A great alternative to Google, with larger storage amounts and a lower price, Thexyz is also 100% ad-free so you get a much cleaner and easy to use interface. The webmail is also really powerful with many features. I have not found an email provider that offers user as much as Thexyz.


Another good email provider but lacks the Mobile sync technology (ActiveSync) used by Google and Thexyz.


Hushmail meets HIPAA Compliance just like Thexyz but does not support SMTP which is a bit of a let down.


Even with the paid version of iCloud email by Apple, it does not support POP3, your own domain, nor does it meet government compliance. It is also the most expensive whilst lacking the most features. An Apple fan boy must have though.


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  4. Fastmail is the cat's pajamas. Been using it about a year. Love it. Blows the competition out of the water, and it's just getting better as time passes.

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