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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Why pay for email?

When you can get an email account from dozens of providers, you will ask yourself why would I need to pay for an email account when I get email for free. Well, it depends on how you plan to use your email account. Below I have listed the main reasons you should consider paying for an email account. 


A major concern when using free services like gmail, yahoo or other ad supported email services is that they need to cover the costs of providing the service and do so by serving ads that are relevant to the content of your emails. The only way you can be sure to keep unwanted people viewing your personal emails, is by using an ad free service.

Ensure your email gets delivered

Due to the high volume of usage, and techniques used by spammers and hackers, users of free email services suffer a disproportionately high number of lost mail.  In many cases, "lost" messages were intentionally dropped by spam blocking practices as reported in numerous news articles.

Personal domain usage for email 

There is no question that using a personal domain name other an over used free service adds credibility and a professional touch. Whether you are looking for your business name or just a personal account. Users have come up with some creative ways to add a personal touch to an email name.

Email security 

Paid and premium email providers usually always secure their email servers with SSL and encrypt all mail data that is sent through the servers. If you have your own web server, then adding SSL to the server can be time consuming and costly. It is cheaper just to purchase a premium email account and have them worry about it.

Increased email reliability 

With an SSL enabled mail account, additional outgoing mail ports are opened up to send mail. The standard outgoing mail port, 25 is sometimes periodically blocked by certain Internet service providers as a way to reduce spam. By opening up a secure email port like 465, you will ensure your email does not get caught up in these sporadic blocks by ISP's.

Reduce the risk of being hacked 

I remember last year it seemed like everyone that used hotmail was getting hacked. Free services from common free email service providers are often hacked a lot easier because the culprit knows the login url for where to access the emails. They just need to guess the password. With a personal domain email address the login url is not accessible as it is unknown by the culprit.

Keep your account active 

When you use a free service like gmail, you need to keep using the account to ensure it stays active. If your account is not used for 9 months. There is a good chance it will be disabled. Free email service providers also reserve the right to terminate your account at anytime, without warning. With a paid email provider, all you have to worry about is paying the small monthly fee and your account will remain active.

Leave your ISP

Many people use the free email account provided by their Internet Service Provider. This can become troublesome when you want to switch to another provider and realize that you cannot keep the same email address. 

Advertisements at the end of message

Many free email services will automatically add advertisements to the end of your email message. As services like Thexyz are 100% advertisement free. You do not need to worry about endorsing products and services unwilling when sending an email.

Additional features 

Premium email providers often put a lot more into their mail platform than that of a free email service provider as they want to keep your business. For that reason you can expect better service, higher reliability and features that you may not get with a free service.

I have worked with many email providers over the years and recommend Thexyz as my provider of choice.


  1. Another reason why free email can not be overly reliable: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21769027

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