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Friday, 14 December 2012

How I use Twitter & Hot Twitter Tweets

Simply put, I love twitter. It is the simplicity of the platform that makes it attractive to people from all walks of life. You can easily find and follow the information that interests you and just as easily, unfollow and block someone that you have no interest in communicating with.

You can see how mainstream Twitter has become by turning on a television to see the anchor and underneath the persons name, is their Twitter handle.

Whilst a few journalists, politicians and public broadcast personalities have decided to close their accounts permanently. Citing reasons such as "it is a never-ending stream of toilet graffiti," or personal threats or offensive attacks. These people are in the public eye and should therefore be accountable and reachable by public, they should also accept the simple fact that life is an offensive affair from the moment we start learning about our (sometime pathological) planet to our final days. The sooner one realises this, the sooner we can move on and move forward.

Twitter is a fantastic platform of communication and most journalists, politicians and public personalities know that they cannot afford not to be on Twitter. There is a certain etiquette one must follow to ensure they get the most from it, and more importantly do not burn themself with a self-destructive flame.

To some, Twitter is confusing and they do not know how to find the people or feeds they want to follow. For that reason, and through an idea sparked from the AudioDorks team, I created Hot Twitter Tweets to help people

I have many Twitter accounts and manage several other accounts on behalf of businesses. I just wanted to give you an example of some of my accounts, and if you like you can follow.

I have also created this page for thexyz which lists all the compant twitter profiles and gives users an option to subscribe to a daily digest of tweets that are automatically sent out via email if they choose to subscribe.

Here are my accounts:


This is my personal twitter account.


This is a feed of photos that I have taken with my BlackBerry. It is basically a time line of my life through photos.


This the main company account for thexyz.


This account links to the latest tech news and security announcements from around the tech industry.


This is a experimental account I setup that follows anyone who follows FollowFlower.



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