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Monday, 25 June 2012

Attending the second annual Nations United Awards #nuawards

Last night I gratefully attended the 2nd annual Nations United Awards or #nuawards as it hash-tagged on social sharing sites. There was no shortage of talent with exceptional musical performances from a welcoming act by Grenville Pinto to the classical precision of Catherine Wilson's Ensemble Vivant. Not forgetting the beautiful voice of Tonia Cianciulli and the upbeat performance by Baron Artist.

While the professional musical performances were a highlight of the evening, the main focus of the event was to highlight the work and accomplishments of Humanitarians, Diplomats and organizations. Robin Mednick picked up an award for her work with Pencils For Kids, an exceptional charity that has a simple mandate of providing children with simple educational tools such as "pencils." Robin's speech was inspiring and highlighted some very worthy accomplishments. The British Diplomat to Lebanon, Tom Fletcher also picked up an award for his ongoing enthusiasm for using Twitter as a platform to communicate, appearing via a video in front of a "This is Great Britain" backdrop.

Usually you may be asked to turn your phone off in such an events, or at least put in silent mode, but not this event. Guests were instead encouraged to use their phones and tweet, and post messages on social sharing sites like Twitter with the #nuawards hashtag. With only two interruptions from phone calls, it seemed like the plan worked, here are some experts of tweets:


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