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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Google Feedburner Socialize URL Hack

It took me sometime to realize that the "Socialize" feature of Google's Feedburner is no longer available in FeedBurner, you can still get it back though a URL based hack. You may need to do this as it can be difficult to turn off and if Google suddenly drops a service (as it often does) then you could be stuck with google auto pushing feed items to your feed. I am not sure if they missed this by error or they are further restricting google services to make them even less useful to users, either way there is a work around.
I thought I was going crazy trying to find a section of feedburner that has been accessible for a while now, when google removed it without warning.

This is the page that has been removed from navigation by google 

  • Log into your your google account and go to the dashboard at feedburner.google.com and open any of your feeds.

  • Now will bring you to the page below that used to be easily accessible.

  • While you are here, you may want to remove your Twitter accounts that are configured to auto-publish your FeedBurner Feeds.

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