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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Disappointing iPad 3 is here and why a Playbook is a far superior tablet

Apple today launched the new version of it's iPad still lacking many of the features many expected to see. Analyst's still forecast Apple to sell over 100 million iPad's this year to it's ever growing fan base of consumers, unaware that there are much better deals with better devices that exceed the technical specifications of an iPad. If only the the Apple fan boys and girls could give into their unequaled brand loyalty.

I have used both devices but could not imagine handling another iPad after using the Playbook. With everything from proportions to technical specs, the Playbook is a much more efficient, friendly and technically superior device.

Many Apple users complain that the web in not accessible on an iPad due to an unresolved dispute between Steve Jobs and Adobe. No improvements here as Apple users look set to pay more for less and browse the web on mobile versions of web pages. Still the limitations and high ticket price will not put many off, expect to see people lining up to sign contacts, locking them into the restrictions, limitations and expense of owning an Apple product.

iPad 3


  • Camera:5 megapixel

  • Requires monthly data plan

  • No support for flash

  • Does not natively support HTML5

  • Apple A5X processor

  • 1 GB RAM

  • 16, 32, or 64GBnon-expandable

  • No USB port

  • Requires a PC or Mac to activate

  • Camera:5 megapixel

  • No data plan required

  • Adobe¬Æ Flash¬Æ 11.2 enabled

  • Built-in support for HTML5

  • 1 GHz dual core processor

  • 1 GB RAM

  • 16, 32, or 64GBnon-expandable

  • Micro USB port

  • No PC or Mac needed

The iPad 3 is like an oversized phone, while the Playbook is more of a miniature computer.

Crackberry.com have also created a useful table comparing tablets here.


  1. Im really trying to imagine myself being as stupid as this, but its hard! "The ipad is like an oversized phone." Really? I mean really? That kind of statement was a joke back when the original ipad was launched but now? I weep for you.
    Put the internet down.

  2. While your phrasing in indelicate, your meaning is clear. You love apple and will love them regardless of any restrictions they impose on you. I am not stating I am an expert on such matters but prefer having the choice and freedom to use the full web and transfer files from one device to another. Something that even the iPad 3 fails to do. Regardless of such restrictions, the passion of apple fans boys like you, goes unmatched.