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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

How to flip a website for profit

Over the past few months I have found a few online communities worthy of mention that have been a great resource in selling websites. In the past two months I have sold 14 different websites.

The websites range from established wordpress blogs, to active e-commerce platforms with built-in membership affiliate platforms. Many of the tools, products and services I use to build the sites are free or come free with a server at Thexyz Server. Some of the software I use to build some of the sites come from ScriptDorks and some have been created by other developers. For domains I use the services at Thexyz Hosting because they have flat rate pricing and do not charge more for quality domain names like godaddy. If you are planning on registering a new domain to flip, then there are a few things to consider.

Finding a good domain

Your domain name is very important and there two roads to take. Do you want to setup a new brand (eg. Swiglet, NetFindr etc) or choose a name that represents what you are selling, for example if you are giving away free bird seed, then you may look for a domain like freebirdseed.com. There is also a handy little domain suggestion tool that will suggest only available domains for the keywords you suggest.

Once you have the domain sorted out you can begin building the web presence and getting the site out there. Here is a good checklist.

  • Update the domain dns to point the name server to your server eg. ns1.thexyzserver.com, ns2.thexyzserver.com.

  • Create an email address for the site.

  • Install a script, either a free one or a paid one.

  • Customize the script to suit your needs.

  • Create a Twitter, Facebook, Thexyz and other social media accounts.

  • Register a publisher account at Thexyz Network

  • Embed ad code and create a listing at Thexyz Network

  • Submit the site to some directories, this forum topic is a good place to start.

  • Add your site to google, bing and yahoo.

Now the site is ready, and you just have to perform some seo and build some links, good relevant content and watch the page rank and value increase.

Where to sell the site

There are some really good places to sell a site, my favourite has been Flippa but forums and community classified sites also so well. Here is a link list of some places to buy or sell a website:

Up and coming websites for sale going to be listed (accepting offers)

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