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Sunday, 7 August 2011

How to NOT be a Google Webmaster: An Alternative Guide

There are many tutorials out there showing you step by step hot to build a business web presence with Google for under $15. This is possible and I first started out using Google's webmaster services for small business. But nowadays there are many suitable alternatives often offering a more secure and stable interface, to out perform those free Google services many have come to rely on. More importantly they do not sacrifice your privacy to terms that if read properly, I am sure most people would not agree to.

Larger businesses for example, cannot make use of Google Analytics because of the privacy concerns for sensitive data. Many other businesses have complained that Google has suddenly shut down their blog, gmail account, adwords, adsense or analytics account without reason.

Is it really possible not to use Google and stay on Google?

Yes. Most of the biggest and most popular sites do not use google services like blogspot with free hosting and a gmail account for email or google translate for web translations. This is because these guys manage their own services on their own server. They know what they are doing and Google can't help but index the meta rich content.

Why pay for service when Google gives it out free?

If you are okay with having your brand, business or personal site managed by a third party, with your visitors knowing that you haven't paid a cent for your website, then may be you should stick with the Google accounts. Otherwise you can invest the $5 to $50 per month for a decent hosting account and take control of your own environment. When your not in control of your hosting, your not in control of it deletion.
Some of the terms Google uses to shut you out:

15. TERM and TERMINATION . Either party to the Agreement may terminate it at any time and for any reason.

Best Alternative to Google Analytics

There are some really good alternatives to Google Analytics that do not slow down your site nor jeprodize the privacy of the data collected. My favourite was Piwik, a free, open source self-hosted platform that collects and saves more data, is faster and offers some really cool widgets to add to your site.

Best Alternative to Google Blogspot

Wordpress.com is one of the best platforms providing you with a free blog but it does not match the features of the self-hosted Wordpress.org. Tumblr also have simple and easy to use bloggging platforms that are free and worth taking a look at.

Best Alternative to Google Adwords

Buyandsellads is also a good one to look at as, just like Adwords you can target a particular website that matches the audience of your website or advertisement.

Best Alternative to Google Adwords

With some advertisers paying up to $50 per click, the adsense program remains one of the most profitable for publishers to earn. With Thexyz Network CPM features, publishers can set their own rates for impressions as a pose to earning just for clicks. Many google ad publishers report having their account closed with reason or warning once they reach the minimum payout. Which is why looking at CPM campaigns is more suitable and reliable for most web masters.

Best Alternative to Google's gmail

Whilst gmail has a very good spam protection feature and generous amount of storage (7GB+) it does have some limitations that other providers are offering better features. Google will also delete an account after 9 months of inactivity, at their discretion. Gmail also only allow a maximum file attachment of 10MB. Hushmail and Thexyz are also becoming more popular although they are not free.

Best Alternative to Google webmaster central

When it comes to search marketing you want to be everywhere, so while Yahoo and Bing have finally started to improve thier offerings in this field, you have to be everywhere, so you can avoid adding your site to list of url's to crawl.

Best Alternative to Google Maps

Check out Bing.

Best Alternative to Google Talk

If you haven't tried Google Talk, don't bother, instead use Skype or if not Yahoo.

Best Alternative to Google Feedburner

There are three worthy alternatives to feedburner, they are:

Feedcat - http://www.feedcat.net/
Feedity - http://feedity.com/
RapidFeeds - http://www.rapidfeeds.com/

Best Alternative to Google Bookmarks

The best thing about the Google Bookmarks service is the speed in which you can index a bookmark. When adding a bookmark speed is essential and there are other services keeping pace.

Best Alternative to Google Search

They still power most web searches and instead of saying "I am going to fire up the family search engine for some answers," one most likely will simply say "I am going to Google it."

Here are some other search engines worth consideration: Bing, Yahoo, Ask, LycosDuckDuckgo.


  1. Wow, I did not know this about gmail, I think I am going to spend the $3 a month get the premium email for thexyz. thanks

  2. I have also been hearing a lot about how google chrome and gmail lack security features. You should also mention the browsers and why people should stay away from google chrome.

  3. Yes I have heard a lot about this, I recommend safari or firefox as they are much more secure. Chrome does have speed on it's side but stay away from online banking with google.

  4. I was just reading through this article and realise that due to google TOS update more google bad news needed to added as well as new and improved alternatives.

  5. I just shared this article to a friend who works at google ;-)