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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Trip To Beirut, Lebanon

Later this month ptoone will relocate to Beirut, Lebanon where he will share his expertise in networking and IT services to eager participants in the Bourj Al Barajneh refugee camp. In coordination with Nations United campaign and the Women’s Humanitarian Organization, ptoone s work will provide the foundation for the Nations United Film Centre initiative in the camp.

True to the vision of the Nations United campaign, ptoone will provide training sessions involving the latest and greatest in web developments, thus creating local opportunities for participants. His first major project is the design and construction of a custom web content management system using WordPress. This system will allow administrators to blog and share information which will be stored on Thexyz Network's secure server data center. The website will have unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, affording an abundance of images, video and audio content to be stored and shared. Once the database is installed the website will be immediately available worldwide at http://www.palwho.org.

Recently, several refurbished laptops were provided though the Canadian computer recycling company, Computation Ltd. Nations United is most grateful for these generous contributions to our initiative, and also for the amazing support from other like-minded organizations and individuals. There is no doubt that your contributions will be greatly appreciate for the opportunities they will provide within the refugee camp.

Make sure to check ptoone.com feed, for regular updates and photographs along the way.

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