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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Send Oversized Secure Files Online With Thexyz

Introducing Thexyz.net - Secure File Sharing

The latest addition to Thexyz Network suite of web tool is Thexyz.net, a secure online file sharing site.

  • Thexyz.net is Thexyz Network's advanced, professional solution for file sharing large files. With over 400 businesses currently using our data server technology. They all agree that Thexyz Network offers the best online filemanagementservices available on the Internet today.

  • With Thexyz.net file upload system you can upload multiple files simultaneously. You get a visual representation of files that have been loaded, as well as what is currently uploading. Password authentication allows you to protect all your sensitive upload data. You can then send links of your recently uploaded files to friends oryourself.

  • Large files, upward of 2GB, are no problem for Thexyz.net. There are no dropped upload connections when you are in the middle of file transfers. The use of dynamic symlink generation mechanisms for each downloadable file keeps our servers from getting bogged down during heavy processing times.

  • With the advanced scripting of Thexyz Network, you won't have to deal with the common frustration of large file uploads that fail due to dropped connections. With our service, you always know the status of your uploads. You get exact figures on how many kilobytes are left, an estimated finish time, current upload speeds, and much more.

  • To keep the bots out there from crawling your data and scraping it, Thexyz.net is equipped with leech protection for download URLs. If someone is trying to download content, they will have to enter randomly generated text from an on-screen image.

  • Members who are looking to monetize their websites can utilize the built-in affiliate system. You will earn 30% of every new premium member you refer to the site. You can find your unique referral url in your profile area after you sign up.
Please see the premium member feature comparison table here and decide which version would be best for your business needs.

Don't take any chances with data loss, all files are securely stored in Thexyz Hosting Data Centers. Premium members enjoy having their files saved permanently.

Your files are indexed securely in Thexyz Network server

Check your file as private to keep it yourself or have it appear publicly in Thexyz.net catalog here...

All public files are indexed in Thexyz Network catalog.

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