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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Changing The WordPress Admin Login Logo

By default the WP admin area for your WordPress blog is branded with the WordPress logo. This can be confusing to your visitors if one minute they are on your site and they click 'login' and are taken to WordPress login. If your are planning on utilizing the many benefits to operating a WordPress membership site then this is a feature you'll for sure want to remove.

To remove the WP admin logo, follow these easy steps:

  • Login to your sites ftp or cPanel file manager and locate wp-admin / images folder. You‚Äôll notice two .gif files titled:

  • logo.gif (65 x 66)

  • logo-login.gif (310 x 70)

An efficient way to replace them is to create your own transparent gif logos in adobe photoshop or illustrator beforehand, and make them to the exact size and give them the same file name. This way you can just upload and click yes to replace the wordpress files and job done.

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