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Friday, 28 May 2010

2010 World Cup Coverage with Yahoo! Toolbar

2010 World Cup Coverage with Yahoo! Toolbar Never miss a moment with coverage of the World Cup on your Yahoo! Toolbar. Stay informed with real-time scores, schedules, and news at your fingertips.

Personalize your Toolbar! Support your favorite team by picking a country-themed skin for your Toolbar. Stay in the know! Stay informed with real-time scores, TV schedules, news, and highlights all in one spot. Jersey Giveaway Sweepstakes - Win your favorite Team's Jersey! When users download the Yahoo! Toolbar with World Cup Coverage, they can enter for a chance to with their team's official tournament jersey.

1 comment:

  1. Hello there,I like your site and it looks very interesting and easy to read,really!. I came from Japan. I love the Soccer and cannot wait till 11th June, can you?.But there is a problem camming from FIFA. It is that doesn´t choose the best teams in this planet for the World Cup which it should otherwise don´t call the World Cup a final, if you want to play football for the spirit of competition then go to the olympics games. this is basically what the World Cup is turning to, and it su..., ire needed to beat germany to be in and is not, jap beat lowly teams as bahrain, qatar, kuwait, to be in, is this justice I dont think so, just because you are in the World Cup it doesn´t mean that you have the quality to be in like jap can attes. Any way, I hope to see a super final on 11th July and my favorite winner team is South Africa,and my favorite player is Arjen Robben.Good blog and keep going.Cu!