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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Protecting Your Network From Botnet Attacks

It was revealed on Wednesday that Spanish police busted a 'botnet' that controlled computers in over 190 countries and had infected over 13 million computers. The network was brought to light by a Canadian IT firm called 'Defense Intelligence.' They have even taken the trouble to set up a page on their website that answer's many frequently asked questions about the topic and lists information if you think your network/personal computer may infected. Botnets have become a significant part of the Internet and infect computer unknowingly by running software, usually installed via drive-by downloads exploiting web browser vulnerabilities, worms, Trojan horses, or backdoors, under a common command-and-control infrastructure.

It is important to ensure your computer is protected with premium software that guarantees against any possible network vulnerabilities. You’ll know you have spyware on your computer if you experience the following symptoms: decreased computer speed, popups, slower Internet connection, unwanted toolbars, browser home page changes, mysterious system tray icons, random error messages, and/or being sent to strange websites.

We would probably be shutting down things like Mariposa once a month instead of once a year.

Sitelock Security Software:

Sitelock offers market-leading website security for online businesses, serving over 650,000 customers worldwide. Protect your website and business reputation with SiteLock's 360-Deep scanning technology. SiteLock detects vulnerabilities within the network and website and alerts users of possible threats before they cause harm. Users can show that their site is reputable and trustworthy by displaying the SiteLock Trust Seal. It has been tested and proven that displaying the SiteLock Trust Seal increases sales by 10%, since 70% of Consumers only use internet shopping sites that display a security protection seal. If your audience includes online businesses, webmasters, web designers, and web hosting providers, offer SiteLock to them for website security.

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