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Thursday, 17 December 2009

ptoone Launches TOwifi.info - A free map of wifi spots in Toronto

A free Google map and customized database listing the top free wifi hotspots in Toronto. The site is still being programmed with listings but works well so far and hopes to improve current lists online for the search term; ‚Free Wifi In Toronto.‚ I developed the site because I had been learning the Google maps API code to create a real estate listing database earlier in the week. This site was made to test out the software. I wanted more for the test site, I wanted it to be useful and I had this idea a while back and no one else seems to have created a map that will be this good. It is amazing how powerful the Google maps software is, while configuring this database I thought about many other possible solutions the Google maps API could be implemented to.

I am now planning to combine four separate databases into TOwifi, they are as follows:

-TOwifi Toronto (current one).
-TOwifi UK(complete)
-TOwifi USA. (complete)
-TOwifi Canada (complete)

As well as being created on an advanced CMS database to allow content to be easily indexed by myself and Google robots. The TOwifi site also has the ability to allow users to vote on the wifi service they receive. There are two ways to vote, one is a simple thumbs up/thumbs down down tally and the other is a rating of up to 10 stars. This way only the top listings for wifi spots are added and remain listed in our database. Each of the 4 databases are currently limited to 50 spots each, totaling a maximum spots on the map to 200. This way visitors can expect to receive high quality wireless connections at all locations.

Please bare in mind it is early days for this site and many other improvements will be made over the next month or two.


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