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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Micro-Advertising By The Pixel

Alex Tew was living in England and wanted to go to University. Unfortunately his family couldn’t afford the tuition and waiting on tables wasn’t going to cut it so he turned to the Internet. Unlike Kyle MacDonald though Tew didn’t even have a red paperclip to sell or trade.

What he did have though was a computer and the crazy idea that companies will pay to advertise anywhere, even on a site which consisted of a million pixels on one page with ads too small to be easily readable. He put his plan in action by creating ‘The Million Dollar Homepage’ selling each pixel on the page for $1.

It's a cluttered mess but I great idea, an idea that I would like to putting into action myself. I have heard other copy cats have already put the plan into action and have plenty of available ad space, indicating the novelty of the idea has worn off.



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