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Monday, 5 October 2009

How To Create Custom Free Business Cards

[caption id="attachment_840" align="alignright" width="252" caption="Actual size business card template"]Actual size business card template[/caption]

There are many offers online offering free business cards online, but how do you know when you get your cards back that they will not have a third party logo discreetly embedded some on the card or reverse.

Creating your own business cards is simple and the best way to gain full control of how they will look. I have even found a way to get your cards created and printed completely free. All you have to pay is delivery charges which if I remember correctly is about $8 USD.

I have created many business cards and templates for people over the years, if you do not want to design your own you can view my collection of royalty free vector business card packs by clicking here.

Otherwise if you want to design your own I have already created a variety of different file type business card templates, formatted with exact document proportions and crop marks.

Click below to download your free template:

Business card template file (photoshop PSD) Business card template file (illustrator AI)
Business card template file (PDF)

To open or edit these files you will need to use graphic editing software from Adobe, like Illustrator or Photoshop. A free 30 day full trial can be downloaded here and you can then go about designing your business card. If you need graphics or ideas you can browse the vast collection of resources found on the links page of this site.

Once you are happy with look and design of your business card you can save it as a pdf and then upload to VistaPrint to get 250 copies printed free of charge, just pay the delivery charges.


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  2. Well written and really revealing. I’m happy you took the time to post this because it was very useful.

  3. I have got the template.The samples are superb and all the cards are designed so well that are attractive.I will also update my blog with the samples which I have made.