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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Nude Woman Vector Illustration

Download the non-watermarked version for $5.00 here.

This vector illustration of a lovely nude lady was created for my dreamstime portfolio. I thought I would create an image that a lot of people would search for. But too my surprise the editors at DT rejected the image for the reason; "we are currently not looking for such images.' I was surprised that such a pretty girl could be rejected so bluntly, was it her hair? Or may be her make-up? Who knows? As I still feel the image could have some commercial success and everyone deserves a second chance, don't they? I have made the file available to download with a rights managed license from my site. Simply pay $5 via the paypal "buy now" link and you can download the full non-watermarked vector version of this beauty for your commercial or personal projects.

A fully scalable vector illustration, locked in many layers the file includes jpg, pdf and ai file formats.
Dimensions: 4000 x 4000 pixels (33.9cm x 33.9cm) 16.0 MP 300DPI


  1. This is great Perry, I can add this to my marketing campaign!

  2. Nice work, this is a great piece of vector work, well done!

  3. Your illustrations are awesome Perry, or should I say ptoone. ;-)

  4. Don't hold it in! Tell us more!

  5. I always enjoy reading your blog.

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