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Monday, 1 June 2009

Off Topic: My Week Of Glory

My Week Of Glory

To any confirmed smoker, the thought of stopping the dependency of nicotine scares them to half to death. "Will I ever be the same again?" It is as if the poor smoker fears quitting like losing a limb. I was the same as I would regularly confess my love for the precious weed.

For the last few years I have been telling myself "I need to quit," and being told the same thing by friends and family. The only question in my mind was choosing the right time. A time that I envisioned zero stress in my life and plenty of fun activities to keep the nicotine monster out of my brain.

That time didn't seem to come. My time came randomly when looking at the books on a friends bookshelf and picking up a book called, "The EASYWAY to stop smoking" by Allen Carr. A fascinating read for any smoker, x-smoker or even non-smoker.

While reading the book I soon realized this was my time to quit and the best part about reading the book is that you are encouraged by the author to chain smoke while reading. So I picked up a couple packs and went with my book to just about the last place you are allowed to actually smoke in a urban public environment, the park.

While reading I began to encounter greater confidence in myself that this was it. I was going to last far longer than any previous attempt to stop. I credit the certainty that I could quit my heavy smoking of 11 years cold turkey to the knowledge and understanding I accumulated from Allen's book and information found online.

I could not wait to finish the book and while reading the final page, I consciously smoked my last cigarette, taking deep puff's to ensure I got my fair share of all of the cigarettes precious ingredients like; ammonia, formaldehyde, arsenic, butane, hydrogen cyanide, lead, mercury, vinyl chloride, methane, carbon monoxide and of course nicotine. I felt excited to begin my journey becoming a non-smoker, allowing my body to begin the amazing healing process from knowingly poisoning myself for eleven years.

The first day was the hardest. As you would expect when going from smoking 30 a day to 0 overnight. As I had done my research and read the great book by Allen Carr, I was prepared and knew exactly what to expect. I was surprised when I found the whole thing a lot easier than I expected. The craving's seemed more mild than all previous attempts and I barely suffered any physical withdrawal symptoms.

When day two eventually arrived (day one felt like a month), things dramatically improved. My breathing improved, energy levels increased, my happiness and well-being doubled, I felt fantastic and continue to get higher than any high I could get from smoking.

After 72 hours the worst is over and I continue to look forward to every day as a non-smoker, richer, healthier, faster, fitter, happier, more free, better smelling, better tasting almost as though I was born into a new body. The feeling of this new found freedom from the weed excites like I am a child again.

I can now only pity my ex-fellow smoking pals and urge them to take the same leap. You have nothing to fear and so much to gain. I hope reading this blog plants the seed. I have included several links to sites that I found of paramount importance in my journey.

Leading web site for advice on quitting.

Allen Carr has helped millions butt out for good.

Watch 64 free video quit smoking lessons.

A message from Bryan

Some facts.

Quit smoking article.

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