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Monday, 28 January 2008

Could the itablet be the next iPod gem for apple?

eBooks...I for one foresee this phase to be as big as the ipod/mp3 boom, may be larger. The hold up has lasted many years with technology firms unable to reach the masses with an accessible and user friendly device. Some big names in the technology have tried and miserably failed to produced a low light, e-ink screen to display ebook's. It may seem hard to believe in 2008 as companies invest billions into getting in the mind of the consumer. How can they miss what is important in an eBook reader?

The first problem with many big name readers such the Amazon's Kindle and Sony's long list of failed eBook readers is ACCESSIBILITY. People do not want to pay $300 for a reader, plus cost of the content (e.g. eBook) and an additional usage cost for each time you download, save or move your already paid for content around. The added and hidden costs only deter people from investing in a new age of media. Especially a new age of media in desperate need of a kick-start.

The new ipod touch does just that offers users a free wireless internet once they have purchased and set up the ipod touch. While the speed of the service reminds us all what dial up was like during business hours, the quality of video' on sites such as YouTube is unmatchable. After testing the device I was impressed and only one factor prevented me from acting on impulse the ipod touch is not geared towards eBooks.
It does everything else well, but lacks an 'e-ink' screen that allow people to read text from a screen without the strain on the eye.

In recent months speculation over the release of eBook reader by apple has been growing over the web. The timing for this much desired product couldn't be better. An who better than Apple to reap the rewards of several years of failure in a industry that was set from the get-go. The iTablet or so it has been rumored to be named has been much anticipated. I for one was disappointed to not see it released in January 2008. An insider has also been rumored to suggest that there have been unforeseen problems with launching the revolutionary product.

I for one, am hopeful and holding my breath for Apple's eBook reader. For everyone else in the world like me, this could be the device we have anticipated for years.


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