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About Me

Blending traditional techniques with modern tech

Certainly, here's your revised introduction: Greetings! I'm Perry Toone, a dual-talented individual thriving as both a Visual Artist and a Programmer. I have a unique flair for integrating traditional methods, like French Polishing, with state-of-the-art technology. My latest endeavor, Curious Penguins, is where my enthusiasm for art seamlessly blends with my commitment to sustainability. With a solid background in Web Development, I now lead an open-source software development company. I'm driven to design and connect decentralized solutions that harmonize visual arts, computer programming, and environmental awareness.

What I'm Working On
  • Small-Tech Email Privacy

    As an advocate for online privacy and following best security practices, I am well versed in email systems and DNS. With over 16s years of experience running an email service, I am keen to develop web applications that focus on protecting personal information and open-source.

  • Visual Art

    I am a Visual Artist who merges traditional techniques, such a French Polishing, with modern technology. My latest project aims to brings my paintings to the NFT market. I have created illustrations and art for various commercial projects.

  • Environmental Initiatives

    Ever since I watched Annie Leonard's "Story of Stuff," film, I have become conscious of sustainability, consumerism, and minimalism, this has led to working on projects that involve, renewable energy, hydroponic farming, cycling, and clean water initiatives.

My Portfolio
Contact Me

Let's work together

Thanks for wanting to get in touch with me! I get a huge amount of communications so this page lists the channels I use and how I like to use them. I am available for comment on various topics relating to internet security, privacy, fraud, domains and email phishing.


It's straight forward, it's on mobile that's always with me so no setting up on other devices and it's easy for both text and voice.

Keybase and public PGP key

I'm on Keybase with both my public key available and a bunch of identity proofs as well. If you absolutely must encrypt a message, use the key there.

Request a proposal

I now focus my technical services with Thexyz, please contact me there to make use of the leading tools and services I helped develop.

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