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Monday, 11 June 2018

Were the Ontario Election spam messages actually compliant with the law?

Did Ontario just get a dose of high tech election interference?

After the US election that saw Donald Trump elected last year and just before that we had Brexit. People were left wondering how could this happen and then came the Cambridge Analytica scandal with Facebook. Well,  there was an election in Ontario last week and I saw many complaints from people about spam calls and SMS messengers from the conservative party.

It turns out these were not sent from the conservative party but a right-wing political organization called Ontario Proud.

Under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, an organization must gain consent to send any commercial electronic message to a person’s electronic address. Ontario Proud founder Jeff Ballingall said the group is not breaking any laws because it is not selling anything.

There was some confusion about how Ontario Proud gained access to the personal telephone numbers. The right-wing organization is also known to threaten legal action against critics. Ontario Proud have said they made use of the Canadian Numbering Plan, the system overseen by the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA), an agency under CRTC oversight that assigns phone numbers to carriers.

There are strict laws against political parties engaging in these sorts of activities. It seems there are more than one way to get around this. Ontario Proud is a fine example of these and just how far can this go?

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the CRTC did not respond to requests for comment.
It wasn't the 407 either

Who is behind Ontario Proud?

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Why were Women protesting in South Korea today?

Find out why there was the largest ever protest of just Women in South Korea today....

Turns out "spycam porn" is now a thing and it's actually quite a big problem with 1000s of cases reported. I am actually not surprised something like this exists. I am quite surprised how big a problem it is. It sounds like it is growing and with new technology being introduced. Sex crimes are evolving too.

Check out the latest episode of Perry on Privacy here.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Which companies are failing the most at GDPR compliance

One day to go until the GDPR act comes into effect. I decided to check Twitter for some epic #GDPRfails and here is what I found...
  • People seem to be getting too many emails
  • People did not see this tweet on how to filter GDPR emails
  • People do not understand what spam is (when you sign up for a website and don't read the TOS, it is NOT spam when the website emails you about the change in TOS or Privacy Policy).
  • Many big tech firms do not understand GDPR
Either way I think it is good to increase awareness and discussion about the privacy and security of our data. This list of GDPRfails shows how even the largest tech companies with biggest budgets are failing at protecting your personal data and information.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Bathurst and Lakeshore street sign painting commission

This was a commissioned painting of a street sign for a main Toronto intersection where Bathurst meets Lakeshore. See the steps below for how I created this.

Getting the perspective right is one of the hardest parts of this. Faint pencil lines ensure that I can get this right before I work on the outline.

Once the outline is right, I can start to colour. All of my art is painted using shellac and earth pigments. I do not purchase plastic products unless there is a gun to my head.
I had to paint a lot of leaves. Even after showing it to the client, they sent me away to paint more leaves. 

Okay, okay I will paint more leaves. 

Worth it in the end as we have a nice painting with leaves almost all the way to edges as requested by client.

I have done several of these hand painted street signs now. Check out some others below:
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