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Hi! My name is Perry Toone. I am a Web Developer that builds web applications that focus on the security and privacy of personal information. Through my 10+ years of experience as a professional Web Developer I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success!

What I help with
  • Email Administration

    Over 13 years of experience running an email service, I am well versed in email systems and DNS.

  • Websites

    I like to teach people how to build website with Weebly or WP. I have recently begun building websites in realtime over an online meeting.

  • eCommerce

    With a proven track record to mitigate fraud and build eCommerce solutions that balance ease and security.

  • Graphic Art

    I have created illustrations and art for various commercial projects.

  • Security

    As an adovocate for online privacy and following best security practices. I am keen to discuss how to implement best practice solutions.

  • Lead Generation Forms

    Lead generation through an online form whether for online payments, donations or collecting data.

My Portfolio
  • May 15, 2020 Peter Surowski

    A catastrophe for anybody with a .org domain was narrowly averted when the nonprofit that currently manages all the .org domains on the planet decided against selling them to a for-profit corporation...

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, better known as ICANN, announced that it received the offer in November. Private investment firm Ethos Capital, based in Pennsylvania, offered ICANN a $1 billion endowment in exchange for the Public Interest Registry, also known as PIR, which operates the .org domain. When ICANN announced they’d received this offer, it opened a flood gate of opposition letters from both the tech community and pretty much anybody with a .org domain, including a letter from California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and a letter from Elizabeth Warren and other congress members. “I’m glad ICANN listened to our concerns and blocked a private equity takeover of the .org domain registry, which would have raised costs on .org websites and threatened them with censorship. This is good news for nonprofits and everyone who relies on a free and open internet,” Warren wrote in the letter. But most of the opposition was grassroots—people who pay for .org domains and don’t want to see them fall into the hands of an organization they don’t trust. "We were... concerned about passing on the price hikes to customers who have registered .org domains," said Perry Toone, CEO of thexyz.com, an email service based in Toronto. He was so concerned about the sale, he started SaveDotOrg, a website that aims to raise awareness of the sale. "These (organizations that would be affected) are often charities or non-profit organizations. They were mostly unaware about the sale,” he said.

  • Dec 06, 2019 Joyce. M. Rosenburg

    The email looked legitimate, so Danielle Radin clicked on the link it contained, expecting to have her products included in a holiday gift guide...

    While cybercriminals strike at any time of the year, they’re particularly active during the holiday and income tax filing seasons when computer users expect to see more emails — and scammers are increasingly targeting individual small businesses with phishing scams, sending messages that look legitimate but do harm instead. An unsuspecting owner or employee clicks on a link or attachment and like Radin finds that malicious software has invaded their PCs. Cybersecurity experts find that criminals who used to blanket thousands of computer users in hopes of fooling a handful have refined their methods. Scammers find small businesses through websites, social media sites and by combing email address books. They also mine personal data from breaches at retailers and other large companies. Then, using a process called social engineering, they construct emails that increasingly look realistic, as if they truly come from a boss, colleague, friend, potential client or vendor, a bank and even the IRS. “In the last year or two they’ve been running more professional campaigns,” says Perry Toone, owner of Thexyz, an email service provider based in Toronto. “It can take a couple of minutes for me to determine that they’re phishing scams. That tells me they’re doing a very good job.”

  • April 12, 2020 Nathan Grieve

    It was a gradual idea that slowly manifested into what is known as Thexyz today...

    It was a gradual idea that slowly manifested into what is known as Thexyz today. After recently qualifying as a French polisher, I was adamant to run my own business preferred traditional techniques to modern technology. The business did really well initially, then as a slow summer season dragged on, I knew I had to step up my game if I was to stay in business. It was the early 2000's and the internet was booming. I know... I will start a website to advertise my business. They seem all the rage these days. Thexyz Inc. Perry Toone Letting my creative side loose, I ended up creating quite a cool website and it didn't take long for the leads to come in, except they weren't French polishing leads as I had hoped, but leads for web development, hosting and email services. Thexyz was born on Thexyz.com domain to advertise my new found skills in email, domains and websites. Our customers are now very much a mixed bag, located in over 100 countries and some with over 1000 staff have come to rely on the reliability of Thexyz web services. During the years that followed Edward Snowden's revelations regarding widespread government spying on private citizens, we saw significant growth in the consumer market. In general, we attract a more privacy aware consumer that has led to some odd requests to maintain a high level of privacy. I would like to discuss these more, although I am limited here for privacy reasons.

Contact Me

Let's work together

Thanks for wanting to get in touch with me! I get a huge amount of communications so this page lists the channels I use and how I like to use them. I am available for comment on various topics relating to internet security, privacy, fraud, domains and email phishing.


It's straight forward, it's on mobile that's always with me so no setting up on other devices and it's easy for both text and voice.

Keybase and public PGP key

I'm on Keybase with both my public key available and a bunch of identity proofs as well. If you absolutely must encrypt a message, use the key there.

Request a proposal

I now focus my technical services with Thexyz, please contact me there to make use of the leading tools and services I helped develop.

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