Saturday, 20 April 2013

Royal Building Products Virtual Remodeller Tool

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The virtual remodeller is a great website that I have used and recommended to a number of potential clients, I also like to show it it off to Home Stagers, Architects, Builders and other home improvement industry specialists.
It is a great tool, even if you are home owner looking for some inspiration , you can find it with the virtual remodeller at Royal Building Products. Whether you are looking for siding, new windows or a new patio door, the remodeller with give you a preview of your house with the new windows. This is also a pretty neat tool to offer your clients. 
You can tell just by using the tool that a lot of work has gone into it. Home owners love to be able to visualize exactly what their home will look like before they make any commitments. Remember that updating the exterior of a home is often an expense that requires the home to give the project some thought. Any tool that allows them to see what it will look like, is going to help aid them in making the right decision, and in turn make you look great as the designer, builder or visionary.
One of the features I like most about the remodelling tool, is the fact that it allows you to upload your own picture of a house and change the colour of the exterior vinyl siding, the style of the windows or see what a new door will look like by placing a number of new style of door over the existing photo.
Visit the Royal Building Products website and check out the awesome remodeller tool today. 

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