Thursday, 10 January 2013

Occupation Vector Illustrations

Crazy Chef

Meet James Olive, he loves to be in the kitchen where he creates his crazy dishes. He's so crazy. .

Industry Workers

An industrial work force lines up in front of an industrial gloomy skyline.

Jazz Man

A fully scalable vector illustration of a jazz man. Jpeg, Illustrator AI and EPS 8.0 files included.

Astronaut In Space

An astronaut in a zero gravity space suit is about to walk on Mars.

Baseball Player

 A simple illustration of a baseball player in uniform.


A gangster holds two bags filled with money.  Free download.

Under the Knife Surgery

A doctor ready to perform surgery on a patient. Fully scalable vector illustration.

Sporty Girl

This sporty girl loves to play sports. When she's not leading her team to victory she is busy enjoying her part time job as team leader in a fast food restaurant chain.

Unhappy Clown

An unhappy clown is dressed for the part. Fully scalable vector illustration.


A tall painter begins painting with a roller over a pure white background. Fully scalable vector illustration.


An astronaut in a zero gravity space suit. Free download.


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