Monday, 11 January 2010

Looking to Hire: Advanced Freelance PHP Developers


First of all I need to make clear that; yes, we are looking for Coders and Programmers, but this is not something we are in direct need of. All we are asking at the moment is that you send us your CV if interested. Then when the time comes that we need somebody we will get back to you.
Basically we are looking for someone who has a passion for solving problems and making things work, is easy to talk to & can handle any larger client requests that come in, so you will be handling things like custom built CMS’s, Shopping Carts, Small (and maybe larger) web applications etc…

We’re hopefully looking for someone who can take our own ideas, and those of the client and turn them into functional websites and applications with the focus being on strong functionality and easy to use systems. We will ensure that the system looks great, and your job is to make sure it works great.

We’re looking for someone with a strong portfolio showcasing the following skills:
• 3+ Years Experience with PHP, SQL, CSS,
• 3+ Years Experience with JavaScript and Database design.
• 2+ Years Experience with XML, AJAX, HTML, DHTML
• 1+ Flash Actionscript experience,

Please make sure to include any additional skills and experience you have. We’re hoping that you will be able to handle projects on your own once you’ve received the brief.

When it comes to payment we’re all about a fair price, so if possible I would like to hear a few example projects and their cost, so for example you could say, “A custom built CMS similar to ( X ) would cost ( X ) - Obviously the price is going to be a complete estimate, so don’t worry about being too accurate.

Important: We will not just be going with the cheapest, that’s not how we roll, we’re hoping for some honest workers that want an honest pay, please give estimates at the price which you desire to work at.

How to Apply
Please make sure you have read all of the above, and send your examples and CV to - To help make it easier we ask that you include “Advanced PHP Developer” at the front of your email Subject.
We look forward to seeing some amazing stuff.
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