Friday, 10 July 2009

Google to launch operating system

In a sudden announcement earlier this week google said that later this year it will releasing it's own operating system. It will be the first open source operating system, competing with Apple's Mac OS X, Microsoft's Windows and Linux.

The linux based platform called "Google Chrome OS" is designed to be lightweight and fast with preference given for web apps. Simplicity and security are also key aspects of the new OS.

Will Chrome be designed to push google applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Sketch up etc? Or will Google make more of an effort in pumping up the compatibility of the system.

Many Windows were upset last a couple of years ago when vista was released. When customer purchased and upgraded to Windows Vista they realized that software, hardware, printers and other devices they had grown to rely on, were no longer compatible with the new version.

Although most fixes have been improved in Windows 7 released earlier this year. Compatibility remains and key issue for consumers, and Google must ensure the system works with as much existing apps, hardware and software to ensure success and a larger piece of the pie, which is currently dominated over 90% by Microsoft.

As Microsoft continues to disappoint users, Google's fresh insight and ideas could reshape the industry by offering simple solutions to companies. According to Google 1.75 million firms already use Google applications.


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